Pretty Pussy

I knew pretty Kimmy since she was a wee small kitten. She would sit on the wall as I came home and purr as I stroked her. She was so friendly. Her owners always left her out during the day. Eventually they moved and abandoned her and an Alsatian dog. She came to live with me on 24th March 1989, being at that time 4 years old Kimmy says hello Kimmy is comfy in the sunshine

Kimmy in the greenhouse

She shared my home with the then top tiddles, Billy, a black and white friend that I had obtained from a farm in 1977, until 10th March 1994 when he died from old age. Kimmy soon established her precedence and ruled supreme until her death on 4th November, 1999. She was a gentle and loving cat and I miss her terribly.

Kimmy speaks for herself

Here she is eating what was to be her last meal on 1st November, 1999.

Kimmy, at the end of an eventful and long life

This black beauty is Boris, named after a character from 'Goldeneye', a James Bond film. Boris was a Russian computer geek whose famous line was "I am invincible!"

That's how this pussy acted when I first saw him at the Cat and Dog shelter here in the west of Newcastle. I took him home on 18th December, 1999 and gave him his first Christmas. The folks at the shelter said he was about seven months old. The vet agreed with this when she neutered him a few days later.

You want me to look pretty, do you?
Boris takes stock on his first day
If I do this can I have some food?

Boris is a loving cat who wants to be with me all of the time, loves to investigate things, chase his crazy red ball that won't roll straight, and race around the house at top speed. He takes well to visitors and is only mildly cautious of the vacuum cleaner.

He has established his territory and is now fully in charge. He is gentle, clean and loving, and always on the lookout for a food opportunity. He has managed to lure a blackbird and a thrush into his deadly jaws, but on the whole the local bird life can spot his twitching tail and tinkling bell well before entering the danger zone.

Boris is boss

6 years later, Boris, now a mature cat, is definitely in charge. He knows exactly where the food is kept and what it sounds like when I am coming home.

His morning "Wake up Human!" routine is pure poetry in motion. This quickly turns to "Feed Me!" when the hapless human is awake.

Dear Boris vets all visitors, and has the uncanny knack of spotting those who dislike cats in an instant. I am sure he can see an aura around people that indicates their emotional state, friendliness quotient and general niceness.

He has been in no accidents, is always careful of the road, and is fiercely protective of the territory at the back.

Here is kitten Bracken, born April 2010 and with me since June of that year, saved from a watery end at the hand of some travellers.

She raced into the household, much to the anger and dismay of Boris, the Prime Puss, and after a few flurries and a heart wrenching walkabout, she has settled down, and even Boris is accepting now.

Here she gazes in fascination at some shimmering reflections on the ceiling while quite calmly posing for my camera and its popping flash lights.

She is a loving cat who likes attention and to be stroked, but will only allow cuddles on a short term lease. When Boris is not around she allows a bit more affection. It's as if she knows she's second and does not want to upset the big boy and cause scuffles.

Bracken Looks Up

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