UK Prime Ministers

Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

W=Whig; T=Tory; Col=Coalition; P=Peelite; L=Liberal; C=Conservative; La=Labour.

        Sir Robert Walpole (W) 1721-1742 

        Earl of Wilmington (W) 1742-1743 

        Henry Pelham (W) 1743-1754 

        Duke of Newcastle (W)  1754-1756

        Duke of Devonshire (W) 1756-1757 

        Duke of Newcastle (W)  1757-1762

        Earl of Bute (T) 1762-1763 

        George Grenville (W) 1763-1765 

        Marquess of Rockingham (W) 1765-1766 

        William Pitt the Elder (Earl of Chatham) (W) 1766-1768 

        Duke of Grafton (W)  1768-1770

        Frederick North (Lord North) (T) 1770-1782 

        Marquess of Rockingham (W) 1782

        Earl of Shelburne (W)  1782-1783

        Duke of Portland (Col) 1783

        William Pitt the Younger (T) 1783-1801 

        Henry Addington (T)  1801-1804

        William Pitt the Younger (T) 1804-1806 

        William Wyndham Grenville, Baron Grenville (W) 1806-1807 

        Duke of Portland (T) 1807-1809 

        Spencer Perceval (T) 1809-1812 

        Earl of Liverpool (T)  1812-1827

        George Canning (T) 1827

        Viscount Goderich (T)  1827-1828

        Duke of Wellington (T) 1828-1830 

        Earl Grey (W)  1830-1834

        Viscount Melbourne (W) 1834

        Sir Robert Peel (T)  1834-1835

        Viscount Melbourne (W) 1835-1841 

        Sir Robert Peel (T)  1841-1846

        Lord John Russell (later Earl) (W) 1846-1852 

        Earl of Derby (T)  1852 

        Earl of Aberdeen (P) 1852-1855 

        Viscount Palmerston (L)  1855-1858

        Earl of Derby (C)  1858-1859

        Viscount Palmerston (L)  1859-1865

        Earl Russell (L) 1865-1866 

        Earl of Derby (C)  1866-1868

        Benjamin Disraeli (C)  1868 

        William E. Gladstone (L) 1868-1874 

        Benjamin Disraeli (C)  1874-1880

        William E. Gladstone (L) 1880-1885 

        Marquess of Salisbury (C)  1885-1886

        William E. Gladstone (L) 1886

        Marquess of Salisbury (C)  1886-1892

        William E. Gladstone (L) 1892-1894 

        Earl of Rosebery (L) 1894-1895 

        Marquess of Salisbury (C)  1895-1902

        Arthur J. Balfour (C)  1902-1905

        Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (L) 1905-1908 

        Herbert H. Asquith (L) 1908-1915 

        Herbert H. Asquith (Col) 1915-1916 

        David Lloyd George (Col) 1916-1922 

        Andrew Bonar Law (C) 1922-1923 

        Stanley Baldwin (C)  1923-1924

        James Ramsay MacDonald (La)  1924 

        Stanley Baldwin (C)  1924-1929

        James Ramsay MacDonald (La)  1929-1931

        James Ramsay MacDonald (Col) 1931-1935 

        Stanley Baldwin (Col)  1935-1937

        Neville Chamberlain (Col)  1937-1940

        Winston Churchill (Col)  1940-1945

        Winston Churchill (C)  1945 

        Clement Attlee (La)  1945-1951

        Sir Winston Churchill (C)  1951-1955

        Sir Anthony Eden (C) 1955-1957 

        Harold Macmillan (C) 1957-1963 

        Sir Alec Douglas-Home (C)  1963-1964

        Harold Wilson (La) 1964-1970 

        Edward Heath (C) 1970-1974 

        Harold Wilson (La) 1974-1976 

        James Callaghan (La) 1976-1979 

        Margaret Thatcher (C)  1979-1990

        John Major (C) 1990- 1997

        Tony Blair (La) 1997- 2007

        Gordon Brown (La) 2007 - 2010

        David Cameron & Nick Clegg (Col) 2010 -


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